Key Features

Traqa improves efficiency in the supply chain and reduces your workload by automating traditionally manual processes.

Automated Production of Annex VII

From the moment a load finishes weighing, a fully completed and fully compliant Annex VII is produced and sent to both the weighbridge and the buyer. All this within 1 second of weighing the vehicle.

Realtime Container Loading Info

All events are time stamped in realtime, From the moment the vehicle completes the first weighing on site to the VGM and/or Customs being submitted. Notifications are sent to relevant persons.

Automatic Submission Of VGM

From the moment a load finishes weighing, the VGM data is submitted to the relevant UK port or nominated recipient. All this within 1 second of weighing the vehicle.

Automated Customs Declarations

No more vehicles waiting for the Customs process to be completed. With auto production of the pro forma invoice and submission to HMRC or freight forwarder, vehicles swiftly leave site for their onward journey to a UK port.

Loading Photo Storage

Using AI technology and machine learning, all photos are assigned to the correct load, details such as vehicle reg or container details are checked and standard of photo assessed to ensure compliance.

Audit trail for each load

All data is stored for each load, including all documents and submissions and photos.


What processes can Traqa automate?

There are many manual administrative tasks required when exporting green list material. Traqa will remove the need to complete these tasks manually by automating the process.

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Exporting Process Steps Traqa Current Practice
Raise orders into Weighbridge software Automated Manual
Check Annex VIIs have been sent by buyer Automated Manual
Pre-Print Annex VIIs for completion Automated Manual
Re-Print Annex VII if buyer makes any amendments Not required Manual
Input Annex VII details (container, seal, bale count, haulier) Manual Manual
Provide completed Annex VII to driver Automated Manual
Provide completed Annex VII to Buyer Automated
Provide VGM details Automated
Provide EU customs documents Automated
Exporting Process Steps Traqa Current Practice
Load plans raised in ERP system Manual Manual
Load plans sent to loading site Automated
Create part-completed Annex VII and send to load site Automated Manual
Amend Annex VII if required and re-send to loading site Automated Manual
Obtain completed Annex VII Automated
Obtain VGM details for deep sea loads Automated
Submit VGM information to freight forwarder or direct to port Automated
Create EU customs documentation and submit Automated
Obtain photos and send to end destination or third party Automated
Upload information into ERP system Automated Manual
Whether you’re a load site or a shipper, Traqa can help your business in a multitude of ways

Benefits for load sites

  • Save time and money by removing manual administration tasks
  • Works 24/7 so no more vehicles waiting on site waiting for customs clearance
  • Increase loading capacity on site by speeding up processing time for each vehicle loading out
  • No more replacement Annex VII docs
  • Always use the most current version
  • No more being chased for info

Benefits for shippers

We understand the difficulties you face as a shipper, from excessive paperwork to time consuming compliance processes. By integrating Traqa into your shipping business you will:

  • Improve the speed and efficiency for all information relating to export loads
  • Link directly to each loading site and remove the waiting around for information
  • Receive real time load notifications
  • Ability for the load data to be upload into own ERP system

Enabling the flow of data between
shippers and load sites

Linking those who Buy material with those who Sell material through Traqa allows data to flow through the platform, automatically creating compliance documents and submitting data to relevant agencies.

Annex VII

Retail Tonnage

We know that not every loading site has a weighbridge, so come and talk to us for a tailored solution.

Want to see Traqa in action?

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We are offering a free, no obligation trial of the Traqa platform, so you can see up close the power and benefits that digital automation can bring to your business. Installation is easy and one of our team will guide you through the set up. Click below to get started.