Compliance for recycling industry exports made easy

The digital tool that automates all paperwork and compliance requirements for your business, including Annex VII creation, VGM submission, and Customs Clearance. Traqa compliments your current system to improve efficiency in the movement of green list material –saving you time, and reducing your costs.

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Why Traqa

Save time and money using automation

Reduce email

Traqa handles all of the comms that would otherwise be conducted via email. Traqa handles load schedule, any changes made to the Annex VII, sending completed docs back to recipient. All without sending an email!

No more handwritten

Traqa automatically creates the completed Annex VII by taking data from both parties which removes the need to manually print out and hand write the details.

Automated VGM

Speed up the process and reduce workload for containers leaving the UK by uploading the VGM data automatically to the UK port.

Automated customs

No more vehicles waiting around for the Customs process to be completed. With auto production of the pro forma invoice and submission to HMRC or freight forwarder, vehicles will swiftly leave site for their onward journey to a UK port.

Problem An industry solution for an industry problem

Whilst the world has undergone a rapid digital transformation post COVID-19, many logistics supply chains have not modernised their systems in years – leaving them at risk. With total global logistics costs at $8.6 trillion, we estimate the administration burden of paperwork and regulation to be at least 2% of this global cost – a massive $172 billion.

Total global logistics costs$8.6 trillion
Admin burden of paperwork / regulation$172 billion
Admin saving made by TraqaSaving of 50%
Set Up

Easily integrates with your existing systems

There are no changes to the way you operate your software system. Traqa sits quietly in the background. Traqa will liaise directly with your software provider to ensure a seamless integration.

Digital Transformation

Future proofing your business from incoming legislation

The UK government has announced plans to digitise and track all wastes. Similarly, the EC is currently consulting on revisions to the Waste Shipping Regulations encompassing digitisation and the ability to track materials. Many countries such as Indonesia and India are moving towards pre-inspections of materials to meet defined standards. The key to compliance with these new standards is through the sharing of data. Traqa creates and shares data in real time and tracks the movement of materials in a cradle to grave context, providing an immutable safety net for those businesses involved in the movements of wastes for recycling, both in domestic and export markets.

Want to see Traqa in action?

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We are offering a free, no obligation trial of the Traqa platform, so you can see the benefits that digital automation can bring to your business.  One of our team will guide you through the set up. Click below to get started.