What Traqa Is Solving

Load Sites

Processing load plans that are all in different formats is a costly administrative burden.


Workflows are often manual, resulting in teams of admin staff being paid to process an out-dated system based on emails and paper trails.


Load photos take up so much space on email, slowing down my computer. They often have to be sent to many different parties or uploaded into apps.

How it works

Traqa will use the data to adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements, reducing the impact on the supply chain. In addition, Traqa provides an API so that you can integrate the data back into your internal systems with ease. Your existing apps can work on top of the Traqa data platform.

Getting started

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Please register your interest with us by submitting the short information form. We will contact you shortly to discuss Traqa in more detail and discover together how Traqa can potentially benefit you and your business.

Arrange a Demo

The best way to see how Traqa can help you is to see it working live within the system. Contact the Traqa team today and we will arrange a meeting time that suits you for a demo. We will demo the process from start to finish using data already processed live by the Traqa system.

Start the Automation

Ready to start your automation today? Contact us to start the on-boarding process; we will guide you through the process from start to finish to make it super simple to use Traqa and start benefiting your business.


Loading Photo Storage
(searchable, no more email issues)

Realtime Container Loading Information
(no more chasing up data)

Automated Production
& Clean Copy Annex VII

Automatic Submission of VGM

Audit trail for each load

Compliance and Reporting Requirements

Shipper Pricing

Monthly Platform Fee of £80.

Volume Per Container Cost per Tonne
< 100 containers £6 * 24 pence
100 -> 500 containers £5 * 20 pence
500 -> 1000 containers £4 * 16 pence
1000 -> 2000 containers £3 * 12 pence
2000+ containers £2.50 * 10 pence

VGM Port Fee is included in pricing

* Cost per tonne based on 25 tonnes per container

“A product with the functionality of Traqa is long overdue and will transform the way we gather and share waste export data. The intrinsic automation process saves time and money, which, along with the waste tracking function, ensures compliance in an increasingly digital regulatory system”

Dr Simon Ellin,
The Recycling Association

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